Lake County Board Eliminates Pension Contributions For Elected Members

Lake County Board Eliminates Pension Contributions For Elected Members

On Tuesday, January 15th, the Lake County Board, in its first regular session of its new term voted down a resolution that would have continued tax dollars funding pension contributions for County Board Members. The vote fell largely along party lines, with one Democrat voting with the Republicans to kill the resolution. One Member, Paul Frank of Highland Park was absent. The vote was 10 Members in favor of continuing Taxpayer funded pension contributions to 10 Members opposed to Taxpayer funded pension contributions. The rules of the Board require a majority of Members present to pass any vote. In the event of a tie, any vote fails.

On his Facebook page, newly elected Board Member, Dick Barr, had this to say:

I am very proud of what the County Board was able to accomplish today, which allowed me to fulfill a campaign promise.

We eliminated Taxpayer Funded Pension contributions for all County Board Members.”

Barr thanked his constituents who responded to his survey requesting their opinion on the matter. He indicated 94% of respondents opposed a continuation of Board Member pensions.

When it was realized by the Board the measure would likely fail, due to the absence of Member Frank, Member Bill Durkin of Highland Park made a motion to postpone the vote to a later date.  Immediately after the motion, Member Barr called a Point of Order to invoke a little known rule from Robert’s Rules of Order that had most of the room stumped, causing a recess to allow time for the Chair and Parlimentarian to review the invoked rule.

A motion to postpone is out of order when the date of the next regularly scheduled meeting passes a statutory time deadline. Further, no motion to postpone can be made to a special meeting that is not already on the calendar,” said Barr.

The failure of the motion to postpone caused a vote to be called and subsequently fail.

While this represents minimal savings, I consider this a huge win for the taxpayers, and hopefully a model of what all Governments should be looking at for part time elected officials,” said Barr.