Small Business Help for Lake County Businesses Demonstrably Affected by Coronavirus

Small Business Help for Lake County Businesses Demonstrably Affected by Coronavirus

***UPDATE For Small Businesses Affected by the Coronavirus***

This morning I called my contact at the White House, Special Assistant to the President and Deputy Director of the White House Office of Intergovernmental Affairs to get information for how businesses can access Federal money to assist in their businesses affected by the Coronavirus.

He put me in touch with the Senior Advisor for the Office of Congressional and Legislative Affairs at the Small Business Administration.

I just got off the phone with him, and here are two avenues for assistance: One is already released, but a few things need to happen, the other requires Congress approving bills to release stimulus money to small businesses.

1. The President called for $50 Billion in SBA funding to go to assist Small Businesses affected by the Coronavirus. However there is not a bill yet that includes that funding request. Congress must act on that if it is to come to fruition.

2. Already approved, is funding available for small businesses, up to $2,000,000. However, some things need to happen, and I need your help. In order for that money to be released to Illinois businesses, the Governor needs to work with the SBA and provide them information on businesses who need that money in the State… and likewise, in order for a County to get help for their businesses, the County must provide information of at least one affected business in the County that needs assistance.

I am calling on you to email me at if you are a small business, demonstrably affected by the Coronavirus, and I will forward your information on to the necessary people who will get your information to the Governor, so we can open up money for our County’s affected businesses.

Thank you for your time… I apologize for all of the posts today, but am working on breakneck speed to get this information out to as many people who find it useful.

Please share this with business owners you believe will find this useful.

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