To file an application for any of the Property tax exemptions, you can contact your Local Township Assessor’s Office, or you can click on any of the application links below to be taken to the online application process.

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District 3 Township Assessor Information:
Lake Villa Township Assessor – (847) 356-2383
Avon Township Assessor – (847) 546-2146
Antioch Township Assessor – (847) 395-1545

Online Property Tax Exemption Application Links

Use this form to file for one or more of the following exemptions: General Homestead Exemption, Senior Homestead Exemption, Returning Veterans Homestead Exemption, Disabled Veterans Homestead Exemption and Disabled Persons Homestead Exemption. Renewals cannot be filed under this form.
This form is for the annual renewal of disabled persons and disabled veteran’s exemptions. If you are applying for the first time please use the Homestead Exemption form above.
The Senior Freeze provides seniors with limited income protection against real estate tax increases due to rising property values. It is not a tax freeze or a tax reduction and does not protect against increased taxes due to tax rate increases. To qualify, applicants must be 65 years of age or older, own the property as their principal residence for the past two January 1, and have a total household income of $65,000 or less.
This exemption is for any homestead property in which there was a rebuilt structure following a natural disaster. A natural disaster means an occurrence of widespread or severe damage or loss of property resulting from any catastrophic cause including but not limited to fire, flood, earthquake, wind, storm, or extended period of severe inclement weather.
This filing should be submitted to request reassessment of property under Section 13-5 of the Property Tax Code (35 ILCS 200/13-5) based on substantial damage caused by a disaster in a county that has been declared a major disaster area by the President of the United States or the Governor of the State of Illinois. The submitted applications will be forwarded to the respective Township Assessor. The Township Assessors may contact applicants in order to evaluate the claims; persons filing for disaster area reassessment should be prepared to show their Township Assessor evidence of the loss in the form of receipts, insurance claims, photographs, or other evidence.
Use this form to submit the required annual Certificate of Status for properties that have been approved by the Illinois Historic Preservation Agency to be assessed in accordance with the Historic Residence Assessment Freeze Law (35 ILCS 200/10-40).

PR – Certificate of Status of Historic Residential Property

This assessment allows a dwelling, condominium, or town home not occupied as a dwelling but used instead as a display or demonstration model for prospective buyers to be assessed at its value prior to construction or zoning classification change.